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Feb 28 11 10:46 AM

Hi bigbear!
Welcome to the forum!
Thanks for posting the information on Annie Maude Frazier. Do you know of any death certificate, or might you have one? I always try to collect those if they are available, you see.  If you don't, that's okay, though, and thanks again! :)

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Aug 31 13 9:28 AM

I am so happy to find this! There is so much of my Frazier side that I am stumped with. I am the 3X great grandson of Aylette Andrew Frazier. I have information about a family cemetery I found in Rappahannock County at a place called Padua Farm. I don't know if Andrew is buried there or not. There are many graves only marked with rocks. There are a few (around 7) tombstones that are marked including Andrew's son, Andrew Newton Frazier.

The GPS lat&long were done from memory so they may be a little off. If anyone has better one's please feel free the let me know. 

If anyone has more information about Frederick Frazier I would love to know more. He is where I am stumped. 

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