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born December 24, 1872
location:  Rappahannock County, VA. 
died 1959
buried;  Both Jube and Ella are buried at Sperryville, Va. Cemetery.
married: 1892 
Elnora Katherine Frazier, age 22, married William John "Jube" Rutherford, age 19, at her grandfather John Henry Clark’s home, officiating was Charles L. Yakes.

born: July 17, 1875
Rappahannock County, VA.
died  1951
Parents: George Washington Frazier & Sarah Catherine Clark


1. Bessie Rutherford born 1894, died 1965, at age 71. 
    Bessie married at age 18, 1912, (Rappahannock County, VA) to Jonas
    Pullen age 25, born about 1887. Johann’s parents: John P. and Ann J. Pullen.
2. Georgia "Georgie" Rutherford b 1895, died 1983 at age 87, Warrenton, Va. Georgia Rutherford
    married age 21 on 1917, by Warren Corbrier (Regular Baptist Church) (Rappahannock
   County, Pullen, VA.) to Richard Pullen, age 23. (brother of Jonas Pullen, who married Georgia’s
   sister Bessie.) Richard was born about 1894. Parents: John P. and Ann J. Pullen.
3. Hayward Rutherford born 1911, Rappahannock Co., Va. died 1994, Culpeper County, Va.

4. Harry Rutherford born 1908 died 1966, Culpeper Co., Va., married Esther Dodson
3. Mittie Catherine Rutherford born 1889, died 1984.
    Mittie Catherine Rutherford,  at age 17, married 1914 at the Rutherford home (Rappahannock
    County, VA.) to Samuel Jackson Frye, age 25, born 1889,  died 1962. Parents; James
     Robert Frye & Emily "Emma" Jane Pullen. Both Mittie and Samuel are buried at the Sperryville
     Cemetery, Sperryville, VA.


                                       1. Ella Mae Frye born August 10, 1915 married to Alson Atkins                                           * (Information from Alice, Lessie & Elizabeth Frazier her nieces)
                                         *(Rutherford information states she married Monroe Atkins, son of
                                            Lloyd & Martha Atkins) 
                                   2. Raymond Jackson Frye married to Dorothy M. Woodard  
                                                 (both are deceased)

                                   3. Anna V. Frye born 1921, died 1986, married __? Dodson.
                                       *(Information provided by Alice, Lessie, & Elizabeth Frazier, her nieces)
                                       *(Rutherford information says she married Raymond Clark (son of Thias

                                    4. Sadie Colleen Frye born 1931, died 1985 married Clifton Harris Frazier
                                       Sadie married her cousin Clifton Harris Frazier,  Washington, VA.
                                     Court house records, Marriage Register 2, page 59, number 499, by
                                      Galen B. Crist.

                                       Clifton Harris Frazier born 1926,  (Rappahannock County, VA.) died:
                                       Lloyd Washington Frazier and Frances Elizabeth Fry (Lloyd was brother
                                      to Sadie’s grandmother, Ella Frazier Rutherford.)  (Frances Fry,
                                      daughter of James Robert Frye & Emily Jane Pullen). 
                                       Both Sadie and Clifton are buried at Linville Church Cemetery, Linville,

                                    5. Charles H. (Heggie) Frye married Marlene Kellison 
4. Charles W. "Charlie" Rutherford born 1903, died 1994, married Mamie Jenkins in 1923,  
     Rappahannock Co., Va.

5. Susie Ethel Rutherford born  1901, died 1993, married her cousin Carroll Cornelius Frye, (Brother of
    Samuel Jackson Frye) born 1905, died 1967. Carroll’s parents: James Robert Frye & Emily Jane

     Susie Rutherford Frye’s funeral was officiated by Rev.George Milgrim, the services at Turner-
     Robert-Shaw Funeral home chapel in Front Royal. Susie was buried at Sperryville Cemetery,
     Sperryville, VA.
                                  1. Claretta M. Frye born 1930 died 1937, buried Sperryville Cemetery,
                                       Sperryville, VA.
                                  2. Carroll C. Frye Jr. Born 1936, died 1965. Buried Sperryville Cemetery,
                                      Sperryville, VA

6. Gertrude Helen "Gerte or "Gerthie" Rutherford born 1907 died 1935, married to Solomon Earl     
   Bruce, born 1907.

7. Archie Rutherford born: 1914, Rappahannock County, died 1985, Boston, Culpeper, County, Va.