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Sep 14 09 1:39 PM

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                                                   Jarret Bowling
  William Bowling ____________________l_______________________________Lindsay Bowling
   1789                                                                                                                     1803
        l                                                                                                                           l
David B. Bowling                                                                                           Henry P. Bowling
      1825                                                                                                                   1825
         l                                                                                                                          l
Lavina Evaline Bowling                                                                         James Henry Bowling
     1846                                                                                                                   1847
        l                                                                                                                           l
Mary Elizabeth Rich                                                                       Henry Campbell Bowling
      1866                                                                                                                 1868
                                                        Irene Lucy Bowling
                                                       Philip Bailey Criggar, Jr. 
                                                      Helen Virginia Criggar
                                                       Cynthia Ellen Jacobs                                          


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Sep 28 09 7:07 AM


I just came across your circle and noticed that we have one of the same ancestors in common Jerret Bowling. Thanks for posting some of the info and attachments on Jarrett.

- David B.

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Sep 29 09 11:30 AM

Hi David!
Thanks for posting! You are very welcome. I'm glad that you found our site and became a member!! Also, I'm happy that the information posted helped you on your own genealogy research.
You mentioned our shared ancestor, Jarrett Bowling...I'd love to know more about your family branch of the Bowling tree!  Please feel free to share it here!

We're hoping more people will find us and post about their branches, never know but that the one piece of information you add, no matter how small or insignificant you may believe it is, could be the very thing that enables someone else to connect the lines in their own family tree!

Hope to hear from you again soon!
-Kylia (a.k.a. Cindy)

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#3 [url]

Sep 29 09 2:43 PM

Hi Kylia,

There is a Bolling/Bowling/Boling family reunion coming up oct. 8-10th in Richmond, Virginia. About 22 families will be attending. I will be at this reunion. One of the family geneologist will be there with a database of the Bolling/Bowling/Boling families.

Back in 2001, the Bolling/Bowling/Boling family set up a DNA testing group with "FamilyTreeDNA". It basically broke down the group of 253 testees into 12 groups. 8 of the groups have lots of people who tested into the same group. I am in Group 6 testing group which can be traced back as far as 1704 in Stafford, Virginia....(marriage of Benjamin Bowling, Sr and Mary Latham at St. Pual's church).

Here is a weblink that has the Group 6 decendants ....Benjamin Bowling 

This above link has over 1900 family members in people in it. Its was created in 2001. So lots of info of current families since then are not in it.

Start with...

1. Benjamin Bowling, Sr. (1704)
2. Benjamin Bowling, Jr. (1732)  - click on the 2 on the web page.
4. Jarrett Bowling (1762) & Winifred Garrison
Now this branches out towards my line of the bowling family tree...
13. Bejamin J. Bowling (1792)
40. Henry H. Bowling (1811)
121. Perry Lyons Bowling (1866)
276. Manuel Bowling (1897)
455. Emerson Bowling (1928)
Then me...(my father was married 3 times...i am the child of his third wife Diane)

Hope this helps you Kylia :)

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#4 [url]

Sep 30 09 9:06 AM

Hi David,
Yes! The site you gave me is a great resource for the Bolling/Bowling family! I got to know Randy several years ago, and had spoken to him several times, adding my own line to his genealogy.  It was so sad to hear he'd passed away from cancer! 
(Just so you know, I've been in touch with Libby Preston, a very nice lady who now does the upkeep for the site, and if you'd like to add your branch to the tree, or update any information, she's the one to contact.)

Have you ever come across anything in your research to connect our Bowlings to the melungeons? (I posted several articles about them on the forum if you haven't already read through them.) The reason I ask is, my great-grandmother, Irene Lucy Bowling, evidently spoke broken english. My grandfather (her son) used to say he could recall that his grandmother, Irene's mother, spoke even heavier broken english yet nothing indicates on either side of the family, anyone newly immigrated, and I've looked several generations back. He also said that they'd told him it was due to being from "Deutchland" (Germany), but again, nothing to indicate a new immigrant on any side of the family.
It had become one of those mini-mysteries, however, when I read about the fact that many of the melungeons spoke with broken english, despite being away from the "old country" for several generations, it got me to wondering if perhaps this might be the answer to that little anomaly.
I know there's been much speculation and conjecture as to whether our family is part of the Red Bollings or not and no one has been able to really go beyond Benjamin Bowling Sr. of 1704 to see if we are connected.
Another interesting thing is that the melungeon people tended to take on names of those they befriended, as a show of great respect (American Indians have been known to do this as well), which is how experts suspect some of these people often turn up with very English names though their ancestry seems to be a melting pot of predominantly Eastern European and American Indian, and sometimes African.
My grandfather said there is Cherokee blood in the family(and looking at a photo my granny has of Irene Lucy Bowling, she really looks like she had some Indian blood in her) yet again, the genealogy (if taken at face value) disproves this. However,  if you look at it from the point of view that we may be descended from melungeons, it makes total sense!
I don't know if it can ever be 100% proven, but it sure is a fascinating idea, and satisfies a lot of those "mini-mysteries" I've got with this side of the family. :D

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#5 [url]

May 11 10 8:42 AM


I just looked at your link to the family tree of the 6 generations...Wow!  it's so great!  Do you know how to edit/add names/etc. for that??  I can't seem to figure it out.

edit: kylia, i just read your post about contacting Libby Preston who does site upkeep... is she a relative or just does upkeep?  I have info I'd like to contribute.  This is so exciting!

i come from:
Tishora Bowling Bays
daughter of George Henry Bowling
son of William Patton
son of Jarrett W
son of William
son of Jarrett
son of Benjamin & Winifred
son of Benjamin & Mary Latham

Great to meet everyone!
Any more reunions coming up??!!

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#6 [url]

May 12 10 1:23 AM

Hi "Watson"!

Glad you found us!! I believe that Libby is a relative of Randy's, however, I don't know the exact connection. Before he passed away, Randy asked her if she would continue the upkeep of the site, and she accepted (what a sweetie!). I don't feel comfortable putting her email up on the forum without her permission, but what I will do, is contact her on your behalf, and see if she's okay with my sending her email to you, explaining that you'd like to add some Bowling family information, which I'm sure she'll be excited about, too!!
In addition, please feel free to post any information here on the forum as well. Just as was your experience finding us, the more information on the various Bowling lines we have here on the forum, the more we can, in turn, bring other cousins to us! (Please read the cautions about posting dates for those still living...unfortunately, not all people are honest).
I have a few other cousins in the Bowling family who are doing research on the family too, and if you're interested, I'll contact them about you as well, and I know they'd be happy to talk with you, too!

I'm not aware of any family reunions, however, you never know! :)

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#7 [url]

May 1 16 10:35 PM

I'm family

Hey everyone I am the daughter of Jerry Bowling. I'm Jordan Bowling. My mother was Mindy Elliott. But my grand father was Johnny Gordon Bowling jr. It's crazy how much are family goes back and how most of you are still in virgina. I would love to talk to some of you please comment or we can email. I'm wanting to learn more about our families history.

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