Oct 6 09 4:01 PM

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As I was doing research on the Fry family today, I came across the following information:
"92; 30 Nov 1925; Laurel Mills Va; James N Fry & Helen Tharp; 24; 21; w; s; R; R; Laurel Mills, Va; R; Jas R & Emma J Fry; James & Lilly Tharp; Laborer; T P Brown"
--taken from Rappahannock County, Virginia Marriages 1854-1930

The order of the information is as follows:
{page #} 92; {date of marriage} 30 November 1925; {place of marriage} Laurel Mills, Va.;{name of groom & bride} James N. Fry & Helen Tharp; {age of groom} 24; {age of bride} 21; {status of groom} widower; {status of bride} single; {birthplace of groom} Rappahannock; {birthplace of bride} Rappahannock; {residence of groom} Laurel Mills, VA; {residence of bride} Rappahannock; {parents of groom} Jas. R. & Emma J. Fry; {parents of bride} James and Lilly Tharp; {occupation of groom} Laborer; {minister} T.P. Brown.

I'm still looking to see if I can find anything to indicate James's first wife, Mamie Atkins Fry's death, and any further information about James and Helen and any children etc. ??
Anyone having any further information on this, please post your information! We'd love to hear from you!