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Sep 12 11 4:27 PM

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Concerning a Bible I got several years ago with the contents as follows:
March 4 1925,  Armetha Haines receive the followig information from Aunt Rachael Lupton about Sam Haines and Sallie Haines children:

1.Great Great Freat grandfather Joseph Haines
2.Great Great Grandfather Joseph Haines - His wife Crodprell From the old country
3.Great Grandfather Samuel Haines
             His wife Sallie Carlisle- Her father William Carlisle
Grandfathers brothers: 1 Joseph
                                 2. John
Grandfathers sisters:  1.Buelah Ann- married Ben Ford-They had two children
                                 2.Frissie married ______ Hannumis

Sam and Sallie Haines childre
note in Bible- oldest three died-all are burried at the Quaker Graveyard.  One fell out of a apple tree and snagged her interals out.
4.Harvey- married Hannah Sirbaugh
5.Rebecca- married Philip Grey
6.Isaac-married Evelyn Carlisle-sister to John William Carlisle
7.Betty- married Benjamin Carlisle-both burried Green Lane Cem
8.William-married Harriet Hott-both burried Quaker Graveyard
9.Rachael-married Jesse Lupton-both burried at Quaker Cemetery
10.Margaret married Benjamin Hott-both burried Hotts Chapel
11.Noah-married Drusilla E Oates-both burried at Quaker Cem
12.Martha married Christopher Oates-no children-both burried Hotts Chapel
All the children of Samuel and Sallie's lines are recorded at least one generation.  I anyone is interested please post and I will be glad to add to any of the above families.

Middle of the Bible
Holy Matrimony
Noah Haines of Hampshire County WV
Drusilla E. Oats of Hampshire County WV
were married on Feb.6 1879 at Capon Bridge WV

This Bible belonged to Noah and Drusilla Haines of High View WV and was found in 2010 when the house they lived in was being restored.  The Bible was going to be thrown away and my son told the gentlemen that he would buy it instead of them throwing it away.  My birthday was in a coulple of days so this was my gift as he knows my love of the Bible and There are 13 pages of information in this Bible on this line of the Haines family and my future daughter in law grandma is a Haines from Romney WV and had asked me to see what I could find out about the family as she had never been told anything.  I have spent 14 months on her line , so I know how hard this line is to track, 

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Sep 13 11 1:24 AM

Hello RGR!

Yes, I've run across you before, I believe. It was from a posting on Rootsweb, or, I can't recall which. I'm so glad you found our forum!! I would love to talk to your more in depth about the family Bible you have.
It is so very fortunate that your son was able to get the bible for you, and that it wasn't just thrown away. Can you imagine how many other pieces of history may have been simply tossed, because people didn't realize the significance of their findings when renovating old homes like that one? Makes me sad just thinking about it!
I would also love to talk to you about the Haines', and maybe connecting some dots for your daughter-in-law's grandma about her family! The Haines' family has been one of the biggest challenges I've taken on within my family's tree, and so I understand how you could be struggling as you go through trying to find information about them for the last 14 months!  I've been researching them since 1989 and still some things about them remain a mystery to me! LOL

Anyway, welcome to the forum and hope to hear from you soon! I've sent you my email address by personal messages here on the forum. Feel free to write me on the forum, as well, it's just that you will most likely get a faster response through using my personal email as I check it most often.

Hoping to hear from you soon!  ~Kylia

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Oct 17 11 3:24 PM

This is the second posting  from the Haines Family Bible.  It starts with the families of Samuel and Sarah Carlisle.  I am keeping it as original and I possibly can with no corrections to their spelling or any thing else.

Harvey and Hannah Haines children:

1. Anna married ________ Orndorff

2. Sally married ________Orndorff

3.William married Rhoda Parrill  Their children Lola-dead
                                                                   Hazel-married Luther Boone      

4.Ella married __________Nethekin's

5.Malisie married ________Wolford.  Their children Ethel
                                                                          Russel-married Martha Mowery

Rebecca Haines Grey and Philip Grey's children

1.Elizabeth-married Buzz Shanholtz



4.Mary-married Leslie Oates


Isaac and Evelyn Haines children

1.Minnie-married Lolk or Folk and had Martha
  Minnie died May 2 1939

2 Mattie-married _______Gosnell and had Hazel
                                                              Ruby- had Jerry and Jackie
                                                              Ruby died May 27 1972

3.Effie-died Nov 29 1939- burried Maple Grove Cem

4.Ada-married Edgar Wyley-burried Maple Grove Cem.  Died Nov 23 1953

5.Bell born Sept 10 1875-died June 23 1916-burried Maple Grove Cem.

6.Mark F. born 1885 died Sept 1971

7.Frank died April 1949

Betty Haines and Benjamin Carlisle had

1.Emma -married William Henry Emmett and had Minnie



4.Albert-married _____isie Shelley


6.Charlie born May 2 1880-died Sept 21 1920

7.Henry married Kate Baker.  He died Dec 21 1939. They had Mabel

William and Harriet Haines had

1. Ida married Jefferson Oates and had Clemet

2.John married Bess Swisher and had Daisy

3.Fannie married Arthur LaFollette

Rachal Haines Lupton and Jesse Lupton had

1.Etta married Edgar Oates had Wesley

2.William married Ollie Oates and had Goldie
                                                        Nanna Belle                

3.Sallie married Charlie Powelhorn and had Albretta

4.James J married Frances Boone and had Ruby

5.Rebecca married Clarence Whitacre and had Lona

6.Lizzie married Luther Spaid and had Curtis
  Lizzie married second Harvey Tywalty

7.Cleve married Myrtle Shelley and had Carl

Margaret Haines Hott and Benjamin had

1.Alfred married__________

2.Aaron married________Whitlock and had Gertrude who married Frank Haines  Margaret
                                                                                                                     Sept 6 1846
                                                                                                                      Sept 25 1917
                                                                                                                      Feb 4 1842
                                                                                                                      Feb 24 1921

3.Rosella Aug 2 1883 died Nov.6 1910  Hotts Cem

4.Minnie married Baxter Collins  burried Zion Oct14 1876
                                                                  Jan 15 1959   had Rosa Wolford
                                                                                             Ellen Ruckman
                                                                                             Easton Collins
                                                                                             Thurston Collins

5.Truman married ______Wolford  died March 23 1965 burried Braymer MO

6.Sarah Lizzie married _______Delephlane  burried Zion

7.Linnie married ______Loy

8.Ida married ________Baker  burried Hotts Chapel  Had Bertha who married_______Piles

9.Nora married Carl Loy  died April 26 1965  Zion  had Cleo
                                                                               Nancy Cox

10.Georgia  Zion

11.Ira  burried MO

Page 5

Verlis C Haines and Hazel R Robinson child
William Verlis Odell Haines born Feb 1 1927

Page 6

Samuel J Haines and Mollie Marpole
Theodore Earl Haines born Aug 25 1915
Icy Rebelle Haines born Sept 5 1918
Esther Haines born Sept 30 1920
Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Haines died Sept 30 1920 about 9 am

Samuel J Haines and Elsie Coffman
Luella Virginia Haines born April 7 1927
                                 died 15 1967
Julian M Bayliss born July 22 1922
                         died Dec 20 1967

Page 7

Marvin Hook died July 31 1950

Page 8

Raymond Frye died Aug 27 1929 age 35 years 11 months and 2days about 4 pm
Gertie Haines husband

Cliv Haines wife Anna Swisher died Aug 27 1961

Harry Smalts was born Feb 17 1882
                           died Sept 21 1963

There are several more pages and I will post as soon as possible.  I really hope this of use to someone.  I typed the above last night and accidently deleated it so tonight is my second try

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#3 [url]

Feb 24 12 7:38 PM

Not sure about the confusion... My husband and I live in Noah and Drucillas home.  It is in Capon Bridge.  My husband is their great grand child.  I believe that the house that you are referring  to would be that of her daughter Armetha.  After the death of her husband, I believe that Drucilla stayed with her many children.  Beware of genealogy and information obtained through Armetha.  While she was a very sweet lady, some of the information that she recorded regarding her family was not accurate.

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