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Jan 26 12 9:50 AM

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John Durham was born in North Carolina on 13 April 1760. At this time, his parents remain unknown.
On 28 June 1777, at the age of 17, he enlisted in 1st Company, 10th Regiment of the North Carolina Line, and is listed as a musician, which would mean he played fife for his unit. According to the Roster of soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution, he remained in the military for a period of 3 years, before mustering out. He appears in the 1790 U.S. Census, living in Orange County, North Carolina.
He married Mary Ann Payne of Morgan County, Virginia sometime in 1788 and they made their home in Morgan County, Virginia (at that time), which is now West Virginia.

They had the following children:

Nancy b. 18 December 1789
Catharine b. 9 April 1792
Ralph b. 23 May 1794
Jeremiah b. 10 October 1796
Ignatieus b. 20 May 1799
Elizabeth b. 14 October 1801
Dennis b. 6 January 1803
Joseph b. 2 March 1805
Permelia b. 17 February 1808
Mary b. 3 October 1810
Sabina b. 8 September 1813

John moved the family, minus the two older ones who were already married, to Pickaway County, Ohio around 1816. According to the PIONEER RECORD, AND REMINISCENCES, OF THE EARLY SETTLERS, AND SETTLEMENT OF Fayette County, Ohio
By RUFUS PUTNAM,OF CHILLICOTHE, OH., 1872 "John Durham emigrated to Ohio from Virginia in 1816, and settled on the waters of Deer creek. His family were Ralph, Jeremiah, Elizabeth, Dennis, Joseph, Permelia, Mary, and Sabina. Mr. Durham was a soldier in the revolution, a fifer, was taken prisoner, put on a British ship of war, sent to sea, and was not exchanged until peace was declared; in 1812 he served as a fifer. By occupation a farmer; born April 13th, 1760, and died in 1852."

John Durham is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, New Holland, Pickaway, Ohio. ***There is some confusion as to whether it is his first wife, Mary Ann Payne, or his second wife, Mary McFarland, buried next to him. At this time, based on we know, it is my belief that it is Mary McFarland Durham, NOT Mary Ann Payne. The reason I am leaning in this direction is that we believe John Durham and Mary McFarland married on 3 September 1817 in Ohio, if that is the case (we are looking to find what documentation may be available to prove this marriage date), Mary Ann Payne Durham would have already died before 1846. So, until we have further clarification, I cannot, any longer, state that this is the gravesite of Mary Ann Payne Durham.***
I have, though, included photos of both their gravestones below.

John Durham is my 5th Great-Grandfather.

Special thanks to Patricia Kitto and Karen Beavers for some of this information.

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Jul 3 12 1:38 PM

I would like to throw out there that the Mary Ann Durham that is buried next to John Durham in Cedar Grove Cemetery in Pickaway County, Ohio is possibly not Mary Ann Payne, the mother of all of his children, but his second wife, Mary McFarland, who he married in Pickaway County on the 3rd of September 1817.  John's son Ralph says in the PIONEER RECORD that the family immigrated to Ohio in 1816 so "our" John would be in Pickaway County to marry Mary McFarland in 1817.  Also, there is no other John Durham in the area listed on the 1820 census.  Of course, there could be a John Durham passing through Pickaway County on his way west who just happened to meet a Mary, marry her and head out before 1820.

These are the notes I have in my family tree files:

The gravestone of Mary Ann Durham, who lies next to John Durham and is listed as his wife may well be that of Mary McFarland, John Durham's second wife who he would have married in Pickaway on September 3, 1817.  Did Mary Payne, the mother of Jeremiah and Mary Durham Blue Penniwell die in Virginia before John and the kids came to Ohio in 1816?  5/19/2010

Birthplace of Mary Ann Payne was determined by the 1880 census of her son Ralph Durham who states his parents birthplaces as North Carolina and Maryland.  3/10/2011  Also from the DAR applications for her husband John Durham 4/25/2011

On the DAR applications of the descendants of John Durham, many list Mary Ann Payne as dying in New Holland, Pickaway County, Ohio on 11 July 1846.  The source for this appears to be the tombstone of John Durham's wife Mary that lies next to John Durham's tombstone in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Pickaway County, Ohio.  It still remains to be seen if the woman lying next to John Durham is his first wife Mary Ann Payne or his potential second wife, Mary McFarland.  4/25/2011

What does everyone think?  I've done my best to find a death record for Mary Ann (Payne) Durham in Virginia but with no luck.  I'd love to settle this once and for all!  IF the woman lying next to John Durham is actually Mary McFarland, it bugs me that we're all thinking it's Mary Ann Payne - for both of their sakes!  ANY feedback, thoughts, criticisms, insights, HELP would be MOST welcome!!!!


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Jul 3 12 11:59 PM


It has come to my attention that the gravestone I had for Mary Ann Payne, first wife of John Durham, may not BE her actual gravestone. Until such a time as we know for sure, I have made some changes to my original posting (see 26 January 2012 posting). Please take a moment to read through and update your records as you see fit.
If/when we are able to discern if it is the gravestone of Mary Ann Payne, or the gravestone of a second wife, Mary McFarland, I will make further updates, so please check back!

If anyone has information that can help us clarify which wife was buried there, please post to the forum, we'd love to hear from you!


*Special thanks to Patricia Kitto for making us aware of this matter.

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