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Jun 20 12 11:56 PM

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I have been unable to find any history for Margaret Ann Pullen; parents, grandparents, etc.

The only small amount I do have (if it is all correct) is that she was born March of 1839 and died between April 1910 - January 1920 according to census records.  For in the 1920 census, Frederick was listed as being a widower.  She married Frederick K. Frazier(b. May 1838, d. Feb 4, 1925) April 21, 1859.  Their son, Joseph Jay Frazier(b. March 1863), is who continues my family line.  

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Jun 21 12 1:30 AM

Hi! Thanks for posting!

I looked through my records to see what I might have on Margaret Ann Pullen and unfortunately, what you have is pretty much what I have, as well. I tried my best to search out who her parents might be, but could not find anything conclusive on Ancestry.
I'm going to check with Susan (the co-owner of this forum) to see if she might have something more in her records. She has done research longer on this family than I have, so she might have something I don't.
I'll continue to see what I might find to help you out!


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Jun 25 12 10:27 PM

I may have found something to help us all!  In searching the internet, yet again, I found Shenandoah County, Virginia Marriage Records.  There listed is the following:
Groom: Frazier, Frederick
Age 22
Rappahannock County, VA
Father: Frazier, James
Mother: ?, Hetta
   21 Apr 1859
Bride: Pulliam, Margaret
Age 21
Page County, VA
Father: Pulliam, Joseph
Mother: ?, Narcena
Then to find more with searching and finding Virginia, Death and Burials, 1853-1912
Narcena Pullen
death date: 19 Feb 1877
age: 67
birth date: 1810
Spouse:  Joseph Pullen
Father: Wm. Vaughn
Mother: Elizabeth Vaughn

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Jun 28 12 1:09 PM

Excellent find!! After seeing this yesterday, I went onto Ancestry to see what else I could find, and here it is:

Joseph S. Pullen, Sr.
b. 1802 Virginia
m. Narcena Vaughn (daughter of William and Elizabeth Vaughn, b. 1810 Rappahannock, VA - d. 19 February 1877 in Sperryville, Rappahannock, VA) on 16 April 1829 in Shenandoah County, VA.
Of interest, I found several military documents for Joseph. What made them so interesting to me, was the fact that he enlisted in the Confederacy, Company B, 6th Virginia Cavalry Regiment, on 20 April 1861, at the age of 59! He then mustered out on 26 November 1861, and then re-upped, again with the same regiment on 1 April 1862, just 21 days before his eldest son, Joseph Jr. enlisted with the same troop.


Rebecca Elizabeth Pullen b. 1833
Joseph S. Pullen, Jr. b. 1835 - d.23 May 1862*
Margaret Ann Pullen b. March 1839 - d. 1920
Mary Pullen b. 1840
Edith E. Pullen b. 1842
John A.Pullen b. 1 March 1845 - d. 15 October 1920**
James Pullen b. 1848***

*Joseph S. Pullen, Jr. was serving as a Private in the Confederacy.  He enlisted on 22 April 1862 in Company B, Virginia 6th Cavalry Regiment, and was killed 1 month later in the Battle of Cedarville, Warren County, VA.
**John A. Pullen enlisted as a Private of the Confederacy in Company B, Virginia 6th Cavalry Regiment on 1 April 1863. He died after being shot by his son-in-law, James Poley Atkins, in 1920.
***I found one military record listing for James Pullen b. 1848. It shows he enlisted as a private in the Confederacy, in the same unit as his father and brother, Company B, Virginia 6th Cavalry Regiment. Unfortunately, no other details, such as an enlistment date, or whether he survived the war, were given.

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Jul 1 12 5:15 AM

I too went searching on Ancestry.  Did you happen to notice the 1850 census for Warren County, VA?  Joseph and Narcena Pulliam are listed with their children, but what caught my attention was the family directly below them.  It's William Vaughn (same name that is listed on the marriage record)!  I'm very much wondering, guessing, hoping it could be her father.  He is listed as 66 years of age, then the next person listed is Nancy who is 41 and I'm wondering if it is a sister versus her mother since no relationships are indexed.  I know families many times stayed around each other, so I didn't know if this could be him living right next door.

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Jul 1 12 12:24 PM

After reading your post, I went back and took a look at the 1850 Census, and yes, I bet that is Narcenia's father! I don't know if the Nancy listed there might have been a daughter or possibly a second wife. The reason I'm leaning toward 2nd wife is that there are two children, ages 12 and 10 listed there, too. I'm thinking the oldest child, Albert, might be a son from the first marriage? All this is conjecture at this point, though, but still, very interesting!
And yes, you are right! It was very common for families to live by one another. Often, the parents would give a parcel of land to their children to start homesteading, so it was not uncommon to see several children living close to or right next to their parents.

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